Enjoying healthy eating and high nutrient foods is a big part of Intuitive Eating and Gentle Nutrition. Discovering how YOU truly enjoy healthy eating is crucial.

Even if you don’t like very many high nutrient foods, you can find ways to enjoy healthy eating and nourish your body with foods you love.

Here are 23 ideas on how to enjoy healthy eating and high nutrient foods. It might even inspire you to think of your own ideas and what you could do.

Keep reading for ALL the ideas.

Photo of Amanda Claxton, MS, RDN with text saying You can find ways to eat high nutrient, healthy foods that you truly enjoy.

Use a Calendar

  1. Look at the calendar and think of healthy foods to enjoy for upcoming holidays.
  2. Search the internet for random food holidays to celebrate. For example, National Walnut Day is May 17th.

Try New Healthy Foods

  1. Try Meatless Mondays. Experiment with beans and other plant proteins.
  2. Find the most unusual-looking fruit and try it.
  3. Try a copycat recipe of a vegetable you usually only eat at a restaurant. Maybe Parmesan Crusted Zucchini?
  4. Try a new type of whole grain, like quinoa or barley. 
  5. Pick some fish at the store to try.
  6. Try out quality fats like olive oil, avocado, or flaxseed. 

Have Fun

  1. Make it a competition. Who’s asparagus is the longest? Shortest? Widest?
  2. Have a crunch contest to see who’s carrot is the loudest.
  3. Eat a fruit or vegetable for every letter of the alphabet.
  4. Use flavorful names, like buttery garlic herb chicken or fiesta lime grilled chicken.

Make Healthy Foods Pretty

  1. Eat a rainbow: all at 1 meal in a colorful salad, throughout the day or week. 
  2. Try the same food in different colors. Do different colors of peppers, carrots, apples, or potatoes actually taste different?
  3. Infuse water with fruits/vegetables, like cucumber-mint or strawberry lime.
  4. Make food art. Ants on a log is a classic. Search “easy food art” for more ideas.

Be Sentimental about Healthy Eating

  1. Think of loved ones and eat different fruits and vegetables that remind you of them. Maybe peas or blueberries like when your baby was first starting to eat solid foods.
  2. Eat a healthy snack from when you were a kid.
  3. Add a fruit or vegetable to one of your favorite meals. Maybe a layer of zucchini in your lasagna or peppers in your chicken quesadilla.

Experiment with Healthy Eating

  1. Have a taste test. Try different varieties of nuts or flavors of almonds. Or compare yogurts: nonfat, low-fat, whole fat, Greek, different brands.
  2. Mix fruits together to see what happens to the flavors. Maybe pineapple, kiwi, and red grapes.
  3. Dip it! Ranch with your veggies or marshmallow creme or yogurt dip with your fruit.
  4. Add sauces or herbs to your veggies. It’s still healthy eating, just more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts: Enjoy Healthy Eating

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas on how to enjoy healthy eating that make you excited. Whether it’s trying new foods or making them pretty, being sentimental or experimental, there are lots of ways to go.

It IS possible to enjoy healthy eating. That’s the whole point of Gentle Nutrition and Intuitive Eating

If you are struggling to enjoy healthy eating, I can help. Click on Work With Me for more info.

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