These resources WILL challenge what you think about food, eating, and your body.  It’s like this. Have you ever read something or heard something and thought, “Wait, what?” You see it and you hear it, but you wonder is it REALLY true. So you look into it. You check it out. Guess what? It is true. And, it blows your mind.

Well, get ready. Because these awesome resources will challenge what you think about food, eating, and your body.

They all provide content in a variety of ways, books, tip sheets, courses, blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media. So if anything sparks your interest, you can click on the image to follow the link to the website and check it out.

Disclosure: I have nothing to disclose. I’m not being compensated in any way to share this stuff. I genuinely believe it could be helpful to you.
Disclaimer: I am familiar with the stuff I’ve listed here. I read the books. I follow them on Facebook. But I do not see everything they put out there and I can’t say I agree with everything 100%. I do sincerely think the information could be valuable for you.

Fruits and veggies

You know you should eat more fruits and vegetables. But organic is too expensive and you don’t have time to prepare it and it goes bad. So you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables because of the common assumption is that fresh, organic produce is best. The fact is organic and conventionally grown produce are both safe and fruits and vegetables of all forms fresh, frozen, canned, and dried are all high nutrient choices. Check out these websites for more info.

Is trying to decide what to eat upsetting? You’ve probably been on lots of different diets in the past and see lots of conflicting information about food. The resources below are a breath of fresh air. They focus on helping you make peace with food.

This is THE book on Intuitive Eating. I read it for the first time 15 years ago and it is still relevant today. Now there are also workbooks with prompts to delve deeper in the topics.

This anti-diet podcast presents ideas about dieting for weight loss in a whole new way.  The podcasts usually start with guests talking about their eating growing up. At first, I thought, why do I care about this? But it’s brilliant really. The more I listen, the more I hear about other people’s experiences and reflect on my own. 

The blog has written and video content that addresses a lot of common concerns around mindful eating. And, there is information on specific subjects like diabetes, binge eating, and bariatric surgery.

So much positivity! This book is full of great ideas and activities for reflection. I was inspired to implement some of the concepts right away.

Feeding Families

It’s hard feeding a family. Even if you feel very comfortable feeding yourself, it is hard to navigate the challenges of feeding kids. When you struggle with food and your body and worry about your kids experiencing the same struggle, feeding your family is that much harder. Learning about recommendations based on research can provide structure when you feel like you’re not sure what to do.

Behavior change

Do you have a hard time changing your eating? Do you wish you had more willpower and motivation? Take a look at these books and you’ll learn willpower and motivation are not the answer. It’s about changing your habits.

Body Positivity

If you struggle with poor body image, the identical twins behind Beauty Redefined will give you a lot to think about. They take body positivity to a whole new level. Their message resonates with me every time I see it.  I highly suggest you check it out.


I’m NOT saying that you’re crazy. I bring up therapy because your mental health is an important part of making changes to improve your eating. It’s likely that you could benefit from some of the topics that are covered. I really like Tiffany’s straightforward style. Her information is helpful and to the point.

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